All 4 Children Consignment

Jackson, MS and Hattiesburg, MS


Tagging 4 You

Just too busy and don't think you will have time to consign all of your items that are stacked everywhere?   Tagging 4 You Tagging Service provides an all inclusive service of preparing all of your items and getting all your great items ready to sell at All 4 Children Consignment Sale. We’re here to make your life easier – just clear out your kids’ closets, bedrooms, and playrooms and we’ll help you earn some money while you’re at it.

Simply bring your freshly laundered and neatly folded consignment items to us and we will do the rest.  Any items that are stained will be pulled and donated.  It will not be priced and put in the sale.

We provide the hangers, cardstock and tagging items necessary to have your merchandise ready to go into the sale.

We will drop off your items at the Consignment Event. You will be responsible for picking up your items at the end of the Consignment Event.  Items not picked up during the pick up times become property of All 4 Children.

To get started there is an initial $20 service fee this includes the consignor registration fee and all supplies and items needed to get your items ready for the Sale, excluding batteries. So to get started register as a consignor.  Then you will need to email and put tagging service in the reference line. Tagging 4 You will take your best 50 items and prepare them for the sale.  We will tag any acceptable item by All 4 Children that is in exceptional shape,  except non name brand clothing.  We will no longer tag clothing other than brand name items.  We have found that it is not worth it for you to tag items that are not at least $5 or more in value.   Tagging 4 you will receive 20% of the sale proceeds. We have an agreement with All 4 Children to calculate our percentage and deduct our percentage from your check. Your check will be issued minus All 4 Children’s percentage and Tagging 4 You's percentage.

If your interested in our tagging service please email using tagging service in the reference line.  We will send you an invoice for $10 for the Tagging 4 You supplies and arrange an appointment time/meeting time to get your items.  The deadline to receive these items will be 1 month prior to the event (August 4th).