All 4 Children Consignment


Tagging 4 You or Buy It Now Maybe an Option

Just too busy and don't think you will have time to consign all of your items that are stacked everywhere?   Tagging 4 You Tagging Service provides an all inclusive service of preparing all of your items and getting all your great items ready to sell at All 4 Children Consignment Sale. We’re here to make your life easier – just clear out your kids’ closets, bedrooms, and playrooms and we’ll help you earn some money while you’re at it.

There are a couple of options for this service - Email to get all the details:

Option A:  Simply bring your freshly laundered and neatly folded consignment items to us and we will do the rest.  Any items that are stained will be pulled and donated.  It will not be priced and put in the sale. You earn 40% of the sell price.  Get a Consignor Presale Pass

Option B:  Bring us your items hung and sorted by size and gender.  We will price it an take it to the sale.  You earn 50% of what sells. Get a Consignor Presale Pass
Option C:  Buy it now.  Make an appointment prior to the event or you can drop off during set up of the event items that are highly sought after such as outdoor toys, baby equipment, or certain clothing brands.  Get rid of your items, get cash, and get 1 presale pass. Email us today at to make an appointment or to get more info.

The  tagger will take your prepared items to the event.  Tagging 4 You Service must have your items no later than  August 19th for the Jackson Event.