March 24-26th at the MS Trademart

1200 Mississippi St Jackson, MS

*This process is simpler than actually consigning at our in person event.
*As a seller you do not have to hang your items!
*You only drop off what sold! Drop off sold items at the MS Trademart March 22 or Pick up for Hattiesburg Peeps is March 19th
*You don't have to print all your tags, you will only tag what sold!
*You can use Labels or plain paper to print the tags on for the items that sold!
*Each item will have a picture so as you enter your item as you usually would a picture will be added.  You can add a picture right as you enter the item or enter you items and add the pictures later. (Photos must be jpeg 5mbs or smaller if you are using an Iphone make sure to change your camera settings by scrolling down to camera in the settings and clicking on format and make sure most compatible is selected.)

*Consignor Registration is 2 for 1 this time.  You will get to sell in both the Online and In Person Event for the $10 registration fee that is taken out of your consignor earnings. Deadline to Enter for Online is March 6th

​*Online consignor percentage is 65% on sold items paid via an e-check March 28-29th

If you want to shop before we open our Online Store to the public.  You can purchase a ticket for $8.00 to shop March 10th  10am-8pm