Clean Out and Cash In - Consignors earn on average $200 -$300  selling their kids clothing, toys, shoes, and baby gear.


*Register to Consign Consignors can shop presale March 25th at 3:00pm
*Schedule your drop off time for Tuesday, March 24th. 
 (Drop off Appointment   Scheduling) 
*Enter your items, print your tags on cardstock paper, and then attach the  tags. 
Item Entry and Tag Printing
*Sort your items by size and gender.
*Sign up to 
become an Assistant

*Shop the sale.
*Pick up your unsold items Saturday night between 6:30-8pm  

Tagging Info


Our online tagging system allows you to enter your items into our database and then print your tags, 6 tags print per page.

1. Do not write on your tags. 
2. Duplicate tags on different items will not work.
3. Each item must have its own tag. 
4. If you change the price on the tag but do not update the computer it will not change the price. 

This system allows you to monitor your sales during the sale.  Every evening you will be able to see how many items you have sold and how much money you have made.  **Everyone loves this feature!  

All you need is cardstock paper to print your tags on and safety pins to pin to the tag to the item.  Cardstock can be found at Walmart or Michaels.  6 Tags will print to each page.
Enter your items into our online inventory system. We cannot accept any handwritten tags or tags from other consignment sales. Grouping your items by gender, size and category will help expedite the time it takes entering the items into our database. Use clear descriptions, including brand, style and  color if possible. The better your description, the more likely we’ll be able to match it in the system if a tag falls off your item. Clean, press, and organize your items. Make sure sizes match – no  mismatched size sets (NO 4t pants with 6 shirt) will be allowed. Check your items in a brightly-lit room for stains and other issues. The better you prepare (and price) your items, the higher your check will be. Read our list of accepted items for this season on our website and check for recalls.

All tags should be placed on the right side of the item when you are looking at it.  However if the pins will possibly ruin the clothing attach our cardstock tag in the tag of the clothing item.  Hangers facing the direction as in the picture below like a question mark.​

READY TO START TAGGING YOUR INVENTORY                                                                                                                       
​What to Sell

Please make sure that none of your items have been recalled.  We can not sell items if they have been recalled.   

Pricing Guidelines - we suggest 30%-40% of original retail depending on the brand and condition of the garment. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ITEMS THAT ARE TORN, STAINED, OR OUT OF DATE.  Price to sell and be sure to discount on ½ price day. You don’t want to carry home arm loads of unsold garments!
Presentation is everything! Fluff clothing with a dryer sheet to freshen up! The better they look, the better they sell! Please check for stains, broken zippers, torn hemlines, etc. and remove or repair those items. Make sure your garments don’t smell musty or smoky. Please do not bring excessively worn t-shirts.  These do not sell even for $1.00.  If it would not sell at a garage sale it is not going to sell in our event either.

All pants must be pinned to the top of a hanger or pant hangers may be used, do not fold over the horizontal bar, as they tend to fall off and end up on the floor or slide to one side of the hanger and can not be seen when shopping.
Safety pin all sets and accessories securely together. With pants hung on the back of the shirt at the waist. Both pieces need to be viewable without unpinning them.

Women's Clothing 
We will not be accepting adult women's clothing this sale.  We will still accept maternity.

Mens's Corner 
We will not be accepting adult clothing this sale.

Shoes are limited to 10 pair per consignor.  Please bring only like-new shoes! Shoes that are scuffed or dirty will be turned away.  People are very picky when buying pre-owned shoes so only bring shoes that are in a condition that you would purchase. Shoes can also be difficult to tag. Safety pin the price tag to a shoe lace or through the shoe eyelet. Shoes should be attached together with a zip tie, string, or a safety pin.  Smaller shoes can be put in a Ziploc bag along with the tag. The most important thing is to secure the shoes together. No shoeboxes please!  

Use original packaging if possible! Otherwise Lg or XL plastics bags will work.  Only Children Style Bedding or Nursery Bedding.

Hang and pin blankets over hangers so that shoppers can see them. If they are small receiving blankets, group 2 or 3 together in a Ziploc bag and seal with clear plastic tape. Tape the tag on the outside of the Ziploc bag with the bar code facing out for easy scanning.

Loose Items
Bottles, bibs, rattles, socks, bows, etc group together appropriately in Ziploc bags. Seal with clear packing tape. Tape the tag on the outside of the Ziploc bag with the bar code facing out for easy scanning. It also helps to write your consignor number and info on the Ziploc with a Sharpee in case the tag comes off during the sale.

Toys, Furniture, Equipment
Toys sell GREAT! Price them reasonably and you’ll take nothing home! 

Large Little Tykes toys and furniture are in high demand! When tagging large toys it is best to also attach a piece of masking tape to the toy with your consignor information. This will enable us to sell your toy even if the tag comes off!

Must be clean and in working order (batteries included.) Small parts must be bagged and attached to the main part very securely. If parts get separated the item will not sell. Games should be taped closed. Puzzles, books, videos and small toys should be grouped accordingly and put in ziploc bags. Secure with clear packing tape and tape tag to the ziploc bag with bar code facing out for easy scanning. It is also good to write your consignor number and info on the ziploc bag with a Sharpee in case the tag comes out. Puzzles should be wrapped securely in clear Saran wrap to keep the pieces intact.
We will only accept talking and interactive stuffed animals type toys - in like new condition. No regular stuffed animals, please!

Instruction papers, warranties, etc. attached to strollers, exersaucers, cribs, etc. are an added bonus for buyers. You can go the manufacturer's web site and download instructions which should include the retail price so people know what kind of deal they are getting! 

Car Seats
Your car seat must have been manufactured within the past five years. It must not be subject to recall or have been in an accident. All seat covers and straps must be thoroughly cleaned. Please check the expiration date on your car seat and check the recall list on the website.  We will be checking the expiration date - if the carseat is expired we will have to turn it away.

Are you updating your home and looking for a way to sell your nice but gently used furniture?  Let us help you!  Tables, Chairs, Hutches, Bookcases, Bedroom Sets, Sofas, Wicker, Patio Furniture.  We love Shabby Chic!

Nursery and youth furniture and room accessories have been very popular! If space allows we may ask that cribs be reassembled for display purposes. Attaching a photograph of bedding and furniture placed in the home often helps it sell.
Cribs can be a hot item, however many cribs have been recalled.  We will not be able to accept any cribs with dropside due to the recalls. Please check for information about your crib.