Why Join the Crew Assisting at the Sale?   Assisting is not required, but highly recommended. This is one way to help us sell your items and you to earn the max possible.  There are many other benefits to assisting which include making new friends but the best part is assistants get the first shopping opportunity.  

The sale would not be possible without our assistants!

If you can not assist at the sale but would like to shop even earlier than the consignor presale you can choose one of these opportunities listed below.  This opportunity is only for an All 4 Children Assisting Consignor and does not count to increase the percentage. These shift are limited and are on a first come first serve basis.  You can sign up for them on the assistant sign up:

**  Provide Drinks: Case of 24 cokes,  12 pack diet coke, 12 pack mountain dew, and case of 24 water 

**  Provide Snacks:  Snack 1 = Bag of individually wrapped chips, box of granola bars, box of cheese crackers, paper plates (at least 150). 

**  Provide Snacks:  Snack 2 = Donuts, muffins, Bag of individiually wrapped chips, plastic silverware, paper towels.  

** Provide Snacks:  Snack 3 = 2 boxes of Keurig  Coffee

**Or provide a $25 Gift Card for local restaurants, Walmart, or Sams.  Please email cbpampa@yahoo.com if you plan on donating a Gift Card, so we can add you on the volunteer schedule.

** Or any type of Media Coverage - If you have contacts in the media (TV, Radio, or newspaper) and can pull some strings to cover our event for free.  If you have any type of advertising ideas that you think would help, please call so we can discuss 601-566-7046.