Tagging Info


Our online tagging system allows you to enter your items into our database and then print your tags, 6 tags print per page.

Do not write on your tags
Duplicate tags on different items will not work.
Each item must have its own tag. 
If you change the price on the tag but do not update the computer it will not change the price. 

**Everyone loves that you are able to see what has sold and updated sales every evening.  

All you need is cardstock paper to print your tags on and safety pins to pin to the tag to the item.  Cardstock can be found at Walmart or Michaels.  6 Tags will print to each page.
Enter your items into our online inventory system. We cannot accept any handwritten tags or tags from other consignment sales. Grouping your items by gender, size and category will help expedite the time it takes entering the items into our database. Use clear descriptions, including brand, style and  color if possible. The better your description, the more likely we’ll be able to match it in the system if a tag falls off your item. Clean, press, and organize your items. Make sure sizes match – no  mismatched size sets (NO 4t pants with 6 shirt) will be allowed. Check your items in a brightly-lit room for stains and other issues. The better you prepare (and price) your items, the higher your check will be. 

All tags should be placed on the right side of the item when you are looking at it.  However if the pins will possibly ruin the clothing attach our cardstock tag in the collar tag of the clothing item.  Hangers facing the direction as in the picture below like a question mark.​

READY TO START TAGGING YOUR INVENTORY                                                                                                                       

Clean Out and Cash In - Consignors earn on average $200 -$300  selling their kids clothing, toys, shoes, and baby gear.


*Consign. We are still accepting consignors at this event but since the event has started you will need to email save@all4childrenconsignment.net to get registered. If you are a previous consignor email your consignor number. Consignors Earn 65%
*Schedule your drop off time   
 (Drop off Appointment Scheduling)
*Enter your items, print your tags on cardstock paper, and then attach the  tags. 
Item Entry and Tag Printing
*Sort your items by size and gender.
*Sign up to 
become a Crew Assistant

*Shop the sale.
*Pick up your unsold items Halloween/Costumes will be picked up Nov 1-7th

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