Want to learn more of how to turn your clutter into CASH?

    Don't waste another minute driving around to meet complete strangers not to                        mention the haggling over prices.  You can sell everything in 3 DAYS.

    Consignors earn on average
$200 -$300  on their kids clothing, toys, shoes, and                baby gear.

    Just a few SIMPLE steps:

​    * Register to consign
    * Prepare and Tag your items. Read how to prepare your items on our consignor info page.

​     *Select a drop-off appointment time. Drop off at our 3 day location, April 3rd. Please            schedule a time to drop off using our drop off schedule. Have your clothing items                  separated by gender and size this will make the drop off process go much quicker. 

    *Shop the Consignor Presale before we open to the public Thursday at 1:30 pm 

​     *If you are not donating your unsold items, plan to arrive between Sunday at 2:30     

      to pick the items up that did not sell.  Please take a minute to go through your items            to make sure no one else’s items got put in your stack. Please check our lost tag rack            and table for any items that may belong to you.                                                                    Items left after 3:30pm become property of All 4 Children Consignment. If you mark all        your items to donate you will receive 70% as your consignor percentage if you volunteer        the $10 consignor fee will be waived. If you have questions or concerns about your                picked up items, please email us at cbpampa@yahoo.com