Why Volunteer?   Volunteering is not required, but highly recommended. There are many benefits to volunteering which include making new friends but the best part is volunteers get the first shopping opportunity. 

The sale would not be possible without our volunteers!

​20 For 20 Volunteers
Volunteer 20 approved hours and receive 20% more on your items that sell (you get 80% of your sales up to $500)
Shop first! The Spring 2018 shopping time is Wednesday, April 18th from 12pm -7pm and Saturday 1/2 presale 8am-9am. Food items cannot count toward filling these hours. 

10 For 10 Volunteers 
Volunteer 10 approved hours and receive 10% more on your items that sell (you get 70% of your sales up to $500). Shop early! The Spring 2018 shopping time is Wednesday, April 18th from 12:30 pm-7pm and shop Saturday 1/2 presale 8am-9am **PreSale - Must have a pass to enter** 
3 Hour Volunteers
Shop early! The Spring 2018 shopping time is Wednesday, April 18th from 1:00pm-7pm and Saturday 1/2 presale 8am-9am.   Also just for volunteering you will get your registration fee refunded.  Snacks can count toward filling these hours. (Provide large size snacks from the snacklist). These slots tend to go fast—sign up for these early. 

Think you are unable to help during the sale? We offer many different ways that you can volunteer. We are always open to new ideas, especially those that will help us advertise the sale or help with some of the heavy manual labor! If you (or your husband!) are interested in a job that is not listed email us at cbpampa@yahoo.com

Volunteer Policy — Please READ before signing up for a shift

In order to achieve a high quality event, we rely on a sufficient number of volunteer workers to show up when they are supposed to. All 4 Children requires that volunteers fulfill their obligation to work the shifts they sign up for. All workers must be on time and work their entire shift (unless released early by All 4 Children Consignment sale owner) to reap the benefits.

If you find it necessary to cancel a work shift or reschedule your shift, please do so as soon as possible. You can remove yourself from a work shift and/or sign up for a new shift by logging in to the  system until system closes, which is two days before the sale. If an emergency arises and you need to cancel your commitment with us, please let us know as soon as possible. Call 601–566-7046 ASAP.

Children can not accompany a volunteer during their workshift.  It is hard to be mommy and/or daddy when you have tasks to complete while volunteering.

Workers who do not follow through with their commitment will be banned from volunteering at future sales, which means no shopping at future Worker Presales. If the worker who fails to show is a consignor, All 4 Children Consignment will deduct 10% of their earnings from their final check for EACH shift missed. So for 3 shifts missed, you would lose 30% of your sales. Please don't sign up for more shifts than you know you can handle.

If you send a replacement, your privileges will stay intact. Extenuating circumstances may be considered (such as a death in the family) and the worker may be allowed to volunteer again, but the deduction still may be taken at the discretion of All 4 Children Consignment management.

Please note that these policies have been created in order to maintain a high quality sale. We want to attract only those volunteers who are responsible and dependable. Please thoughtfully consider the commitment before you put your name down for a shift. Positions are limited, and you could be taking up a spot someone else would have gladly filled. When you cancel at the last minute, we cannot find someone to fill your vacancy, thus we are short handed and not able to handle traffic and sales as we need to. Thanks for your consideration.

Volunteer agrees not to set up business in direct competition with All 4 Children Consignment within a 60 mile radius for 24 months or 2 years from the last



All 4 Children Consignment

Jackson, MS and Hattiesburg, MS